I am happy to announce that life has been doing good. I will hopefully have more free time in these upcoming months, that is once I finish a VR project I am leading.

Hopefully there haven’t been to many comments I have missed, I wanted to look through all them, but considering there were 1.5k comments I will not read through them. For all you none bot people out there the contacts page is always open, and messaging through social networks is just as good.

Look forward to making more posts, and thank you for your time!

Class Diagrams

The Image Above shows the first class Diagram I have made for a flexible menu system. My goal was to have it so each menu is built from Canvas areas like unity does for theirs GameObject menus. I wanted it to be flexible enough that if I want a collapsing menu I could, or a scroll menu, or a page menu, ect. Also I wanted different entity types, so for example the user can Bind a new key to a control, or rename a GameObject like a companion, ect. To continue this flexibility each GUI entity will need multiple elements, like a label for control type, then a text field for the key-bind. These probably will change a bit as I build, and they might need some factories for platform specific requirements.


For any new programmers out there, I would highly suggest learning UML. It has made my production time a lot less, and made my program structures cleaner. I honestly don’t know why teachers don’t use UML more. It is easier to understand from a none programmer perspective, and makes programming less complicated.

Progress Update:

Hi all. Thanks for coming to the site first off. I will have more content up over the next month, but for now a quick status update.


Kitty Saves the World

  • Working on getting site back up.

The Dark Name

  • Working on new site.
  • Got Controls, and Menu system use-cases made(is the image).

I will keep you all updated as the projects come along.


Thanks for your time!