Hello I am Alexander Nava the creator of 78Star Productions. My goal is to bring something to this world that has never been here. If that be the ideas, and goals of my clients, or the aspirations of those I know. This is my goal because I believe nothing is more powerful in this world then the passion people can have for what they want to accomplish. In order to accomplish that I hold strong beliefs in building people up, and in building a strong nit team that can have each others backs in the hardest times.


This is a website for my personal work that I have been planning my hole life, or that I help create. I am Alexander Nava, I started 78StarProductions when I left a  start up company DIY Tech Shop, that I helped build. After the other owners wanted to go in a new direction I spent years on my education, and was dedicated to learn everything I could about programing, game development, and software development. I then decided to start free lancing which lead into 78StarProductions.



I am happy to announce that life has been doing good. I will hopefully have more free time in these upcoming months, that is once I finish a VR project I am leading. Hopefully there haven’t been to many comments I have missed, I wanted to look through all them, but considering there were 1.5k …


If you are interested in getting a project done, or would like a quote you can email me at AlexanderXN78@Gmail.com, or message me on any social media linked below.